Product Details

Spending Too Much Time Trying to Collect, Organize and Maintain Food Program Paperwork?

Let Ready Records do it for you! Using our software, you are able to have guardians certify their paperwork through a web-based program. You will have electronic versions of all your paperwork with the option of printing them when needed.

How It Works

Using Ready Records is simple with these six easy steps:

  1. You enter parent/guardian and participant names and information into the software.
  2. Ready Records sends an email and a text to parent/guardians to complete their Food Program paperwork. 
  3. Parent/guardian clicks on a weblink in the email or text and enters their child(ren)’s enrollment and household income information and electronically signs the form.
  4. You review the information, place the household into an income category (A-Free, B-Reduced, or C-Paid) and electronically sign the form.
  5. Ready Records can send automatic reminders via email and text if paperwork is incomplete, or you can send a manual reminder at any time.
  6. When it’s time for your state agency review, you can print the completed and electronically-signed forms and rest easy knowing that all required fields have been completed.

Why We Love It

Keeping track of CACFP paperwork can be challenging. With Ready Records, you can have the paperwork request sent to a parent or guardian through email and text where they can complete it easily online when it works for them. In addition to the ease of filling out the forms electronically, we also offer these other great features:

  • Automatic Reminders: Once a household is in the system, automatic reminders will be sent to the parents/guardians when the forms need to be renewed, saving your center staff time.
  • Robust Storage: You can’t lose a record once it’s stored in our system. And during audits, it’s easy to produce the forms that you need for the auditors.
  • Quick Calculation: Eliminate the chances for mistakes when calculating your new ratios and let Ready Records automate the whole process for you.
  • Integration with My Food Program: With Ready Records, you have options. This software will work as an add-on for current My Food Program customers, or as an independent solution for any and all centers.
  • More Accurate Overview: Having the food program paperwork available in a more convenient form means that you will have more completed and accurate information. This will better reflect your true customer base allowing your reimbursement to be more precise.